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Scangrip VEGA Lite CAS

Scangrip VEGA Lite CAS | 4000 Lumens


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Scangrip VEGA Lite CAS | 4000 Lumens

Quick Overview


VEGA LITE CAS is a powerful LED floodlight designed for the professional user. The powerful LEDs provide a diffused and pleasant, non-blinding, uniform work light, with a large dispersion, perfect for painting and installation work.

// VEGA LITE CAS is compatible with METABO/CAS battery system 18V (cordless alliance system) and at the same time, the SCANGRIP POWER SUPPLY can be used for direct power providing unlimited availability to light. //

It features 2 level light output (50-100%) which makes it possible to adjust the light according to the work task. 

Compact floodlight with high flexibility
It comes with an integrated carrying handle and a stand for tripod mounting which make it very convenient and easy to position the light where it is needed.

The robust housing of the VEGA LITE CAS is made of a highly shock-resistant plastic material, perfect for a working environment. It is also waterproof (IP54). Since the LEDs do not produce heat, there is no fire hazard when using the floodlight.

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